AA/EEO Consulting
Besides AAP preparation, Affirmative Action Planning assists human resource professionals and general counsels in dealing with thorny discrimination complaints. We also provide confidential work product to labor attorneys representing their corporate clients. 

Class action lawsuits represent the largest discrimination risk to most companies, federal contractors or not.  Individual complaints of discrimination based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, disability, etc. can be messy and unpleasant enough, but if plaintiffs form an affected class, watch out.  Court judgments, settlement costs and legal fees can be astronomical, not to mention the negative publicity.

The best way to prevent discrimination complaints from escalating is to investigate thoroughly and promptly.  There is no downside.  If the complaint has merit, the inquiry may lead to an early resolution.  If the complaint is unwarranted, investigating provides a factual basis for a legal or administrative defense.

Maybe the issue your company faces requires an outside investigator for a sensitive situation involving a manager.  Helping draft a written complaint response for EEOC or OFCCP could be all that's necessary, or simply a few minutes' telephone consultation with an experienced professional to clarify the issues. 

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Discrimination Issues


 ~ Gender

~ Adverse Impact

~ Race/Ethnicity

~ National Origin

~ Compensation

~ Disability

~ Religion

~ Age

~ Sexual Harassment

~ Military/Veteran's Status

~ Hostile Environment

~ Reasonable Accommodation