Does your AAP meet legal standards?

Why develop an up-to-date, technically-compliant affirmative action plan (AAP) for your company?  First, to win and retain federal government contracts and subcontracts. Second, to prevent expensive class action discrimination judgments. Third, to gain the competitive advantages of diversity.


Building that AAP is where it gets tricky.  Federal regulations tell you what AAP elements to include, but not how to create them.  Building a plan from scratch is like doing your own taxes with a pencil and pocket calculator--it can be done, but is difficult, time-consuming and prone to error.


Affirmative Action Planning can help, working with you to create a professional quality plan that meets federal regulatory requirements at reasonable cost.  Complete services include training, sample policies and narratives, and the software that generates plan-ready elements. Once the initial AAP is created, you may opt to outsource annual updates to us, or perform them yourself by purchasing our proprietary software. Support is always a phone call away.

Either way, you gain a well-crafted AAP that helps your company  reveal and remedy potential discrimination pitfalls, as well as achieve regulatory compliance.

Affirmative Action Planning also helps resolve individual discrimination complaints with any combination of tactical advice, onsite investigation, negotiation, and response preparation to enforcement agencies.  Generalized training for first-line supervisors is also available about discrimination laws affecting the workplace.

Affirmative Action Planning
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Who Must Develop an AAP?

~ Companies with 50 or more employees and $50,000 in direct federal service and supply contracts.

~ Organizations of 50 employees who provide $50,000 in indirect goods or services to federal contractors.

~ Banks and financial institutions that accept deposits of federal funds or issue savings bonds or notes.

~ Shippers with federal bills of lading totaling $50,000 or more annually.